Risk Management

Our global overview and expert knowledge of non-ferrous metal markets can help you anticipate and hedge potential price volatility.

Flexible Logistics

As a Kun Wa supplier we strive to find the most cost effective and flexible way to collect and ship your scrap and recycled metals for you to feel in control of your material every step of the way through to payment.

Competitive Prices

Prices fluctuate according to worldwide markets, but what you are guaranteed is that Kun Wa is always fully hedged, ensuring that we are always highly competitive on price.

Kun Wa is a leading international trading and logistics company connecting metal producers and consumers worldwide

Metals We Work With

Metal Recycling

Metals recycling means less use of natural resources, which helps to protect the environment and save energy.

WEEE We Work With

WEEE Reusing

WEEE reusing reduces the amount of waste that needs to be recycled whilst also stopping another physical unit from entering the waste stream in the first place.

We deal with all grades of non-ferrous scrap and recycled metals that comply with ISRI specifications

Contact Information

Email        : info@knwrecycling.com

Phone       :   +86  137 9953 0085

Fax             :    +852 23980520

Address    :    NO. 3,G/F, TIT SHU STREET,  TAI KOK TSUI,                                KOWLOON