Kun Wa Enterprises Co. is world-renowned for the production of first-class aluminium casting alloys, rolling ingots, wires, and deoxidation materials. The company also deals in primary aluminium pigs and casting alloys, round bars, rolling ingots, and shapes on a worldwide scale. The quality of the products is unrivalled, and the depth and breadth of the assortment is unparalleled – this is validated by the numerous international customers from the automotive, engineering, cable, and electrical industry as well as various suppliers to the aviation and aerospace industry.

Standard products made of primary and secondary raw material are available on a daily basis at the two smelters of Kun Wa Enterprises Co. Customer-specific requirements and prototypes are promptly and reliably realized by the company’s 400 employees. Kun Wa Enterprises Co. also takes on commissioned work, produces on stock, and supplies customers just in time. Kun Wa Enterprises Co. feels a special obligation to ensure the efficiency and environmental compatibility of its working methods. One of the company’s smelters, for example, developed and put Europe’s first slag treatment facility into operation as early as 1982. To this day, it is considered a pioneering process that allows the salt slag generated by smelting and refining scrap aluminium to be 100% recycled.