Kun Wa Enterprises Co. KG ranks among Europe’s leading processing and recycling companies for untreated and alloyed steel scrap, nonferrous metal scrap, and downgraded steel products. The company collects, recycles, and sells all qualities and types. In addition, it carries out industrial demolitions, gutting projects, and the disposal and recycling of trains, special machines, turbines, and military equipment. Scrap analyses are part of the product portfolio as well.

State-of-the-art procedures and strong quality consciousness and environmental awareness distinguish the company. It owns its own shredder installations, packing presses, scrap shears, cable processing equipment, rail breakers, and scrap breakers and separates material by type up to a particle size of two millimeters. Additionally, a company of Kun Wa Enterprises Co.. KG operates a processing facility for shredder fractions that is unrivalled in Europe. Thanks to this facility, the recycling rate for the material is nearly 100%.

Customers can rely on Kun Wa Enterprises Co.. KG as a partner with numerous affiliates and a worldwide network of collection points and storage areas. All company locations also have excellent transport connections by road, rail, and often even by waterways. Moreover, they are in close proximity to steel mills, smelters, and foundries.