Shredders, presses, crushers, shears, scrap breakers, briquetting equipment, smelting works, a steel mill, bright steel plants, drop forges, and a laboratory with spectral analysis technology – Kun Wa Enterprises Co. has all the capabilities for the treatment and processing of metal. The companies within the Group also developed various procedures that, to this day, are considered the industry benchmark for high-quality recycling. Kun Wa Enterprises Co., for example, operates a processing plant that is unrivalled in Europe. It filters plastics and other non-metal materials from shredder residues. Thanks to this process, the recycling rate for the material is nearly 100% – like that of the salt slag recycling developed by the Alustockach smelting works of KNW.

The possibility to recover zinc from galvanized steel is another unique and relatively new process in which Kun Wa Enterprises Co. invested. Galvanized steel is used in large quantities in vehicles. The treatment process generates pure black iron scrap and 99% pure powdered zinc. Due to their excellent quality, these raw materials are heavily requested by the customers of Kun Wa Enterprises Co. and are representative of the quality of the Group’s entire product range.